The Bronzing of, "You Are Here"

  Note:  This series is just beginning.

The Green Foundry, in Eliot, Maine, is allowing me to
document the entire process of casting this wood sculpture.
(For more information of the Green Foundry, visit:

Please note, that you will be taken to the YouTube site, when viewing the videos:

Part One: Dividing the sculpture in half.

Part Two: First layers of rubber mold material.

Part Three: The final thick coat of rubber.

Part Four:  Making the "Mother Mold" (This version is 14 minutes)
Part Four : ABRIDGED:   (This version is 5 minutes)

Part Five:  The Wax Wizard.

Part Six:  Removing the wax casting and "chasing".

Part Seven:  Preparing the wax figure for the ceramic investment. 

Part Eight:  The ceramic shell

Part Nine:  Wax Boil-Out

Part Ten:  Pouring liquid metal

Part Eleven: "Chasing"

Part Twelve/The Final Chapter:  Patina


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