Canadian Maritimes

August 1 - 17,  2007

Crossing over the boarder into New Brunswick.  The first town
we visit and camp near is St Andrews. This mural reflects the look of the town
better than any photograph.

There was a crafts & food fair going on in town that day.
We had smoked salmon for lunch. Bought some homemade salsa.
We realized that this was the beginning of our eating
our way through the Canadian Maritimes.

Blueberries were in season.

Everything is about living by the ocean.
Lighthouse in Back Bay.

St Martin's Lighthouse

Split-off rock in the Bay of Fundy.

St Martin is a visually rich harbor town. Boat building was its
roots and when that trade died out, the boat builders
began constructing homes for a living.

St Martin's harbor. A very colorful area.

We camped in the Fundy National Park and did much hiking
to see the effects of a 40' tide change.

We tried to get to a sea arch that was around the corner...

Some days were very foggy.  At Cape Enrage, the lighthouse
was but a ghost. Twenty-one students operate the Cape Enrage Project
which raises $300,000 each year to keep the lighthouse and grounds open.

At Aulac, we cross over into Nova Scotia.