Nova Scotia

We traveled to the southern coast of Nova Scotia where a friend
gave us a key to her cottage there.  Arriving after 10pm and finally locating her house,
we couldn't open the door. So we camped in her front yard and woke to the above softness.
We visited a friend of our friend, who had a spare key to the cottage.  (The key we had
was to her post office box.)

Port Bickerton was once an active fishing town.  But like all fishing villages
in the Canadian Maritimes, changes came when the moratorium on Cod
fishing was implemented. Only a small part of the fishing plant here is used
for freezing shrimp.

Snow crab harvesting happens only for a few weeks in the summer.
Traps are stored here during off-season
along with other equipment:

We then head north and east to Cape Breton.

There are some spectacular farms on the west side.

Mabou Harbor.

Mabou Light House

Some friends along the way.

Every bend in the road was a "WOW"

Sunset at our campground at Corney Brook, near Cheticamp.

I am learning that instead of picking up every pretty beach stone that I come upon,
it is much lighter to photograph its beauty. Plus it leaves it there for the
next person who walks by.

Continuing along the western coastline, we come to a very high point.
It is here that we take Sharon's bike off the truck and for the next 8 miles
of winding road and spectacular overlooks, she gets to experience early morning
in the Cape Breton Highlands.

Meanwhile Clara follows slowly along taking a side trip to Pleasant Bay.

Clara finally catches up to Sharon as she begins a long ascent.
We put her bike back on the truck and continue on.

A side trip brings us to Meat Cove, the very northern tip of Cape Breton.

An as we swing arond to the east coast, we find Dingwall and Aspy Bay.

We take a ferry ( which holds 360 cars, 77 tractor trailers/RVs...big ferry)
from Sydney to Port aux-Basque, Newfoundland.