The Desert Home

Desire for creating another home developed. Knowing that I needed to learn additional construction techniques
for the hot, dry environment, I did a six month apprenticeship with a construction journeyman.
Soon after, I purchased land and began a ten year journey of building a hand-made desert home.

Each step of this building process continued to affirm to me that what we create, affects the environment,
ourselves, and all who come in contact with the creation.


There is a very sculptural element to the techniques and design of this home.

. Approaching the front gate


Detail of gate with courtyard beyond.


Stone walkway


Inside front courtyard.


Spiral stone design of entry hall.

A moment of realization came to me near the end of the building process. I had been raised and trained as a painter.
But after fully feeling the pleasure of shaping walls, floors, archways, and other curved surfaces with cement, stone and wood,
I recognized that basically all of my building projects was about creating sculpture. Another apprenticeship soon followed,
studying for a year-and-a-half, with stone sculptor, Daniel Newman.

The stone studio. A separate structure

on the land used for the sculpting stone.