Having  art works shown in a gallery is a wonderful thing. 
But I realized that patrons were missing the most exciting part of the art,
which is, the actual making of the piece.
So I began filming the process.

Below, are video presentations, that bring you into my studio.
You will see the complete process, from that momentary zing that happens when I "see" an idea,
to the hands-on, working with tools... from a block of wood
to the completed sculpture.

"You Are Here"    Starting from a tiny jot of a sketch....

  Documenting the Bronzing of, "You Are Here".

"Ponder"     Watch as I ponder how to approach my first figurative wood sculpture.

"Slowly"    DOCUMENTING the slow and mindful process.

"Origins"    Video Presentation

"Golden Means"    Video Presentation

"Ancestors"    Video Presentation

Video Presentation    "Maybe if We Remembered"

Video Presentation  "Maintaining Balance"

Video Presentation    "How to Choose"

"Coastal Sketches"    Video Presentation